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Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Lesser Known Swimmers

Ricky Berens helped Michael Phelps win gold in the 4x200 medley relay.

So did Conor Dwyer. Whose cuter?

Cullen Jones helped Phelps & Lochte gain silver in 4x100 medley relay. (They won Gold in Beijing.)

Matt Grevers won Gold in 100 meter backstroke!

 Can you believe the grizzly guy on the right is the same as the cute guy on the left!
That's Nick Thoman, silver medalist in 100 metre backstroke.

Peter Vanderkaay snatched a bronze in the 400 meter freestyle!

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Anonymous said...

Nick Thoman is HAWT when he's rockin the scruff... he should go with that more often.