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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miscellaneous Olympic Athletes

Brad Walker was a 2007 World Champion pole vaulter.

Antoine Valois-Fortier claimed bronze after defeating an American judoka.

Judoka Ole Bischof settled for silver this time, having won gold in 2008.

Matt Anderson played for USA's Men's volleyball.

So did Russell Holmes.

Nick Symmond placed fifth in the 800m final.

Pascal Behrenbruch is a decathlete.

Robert Harting infamously hulked out after becoming discus champion.

Swimmer Scott Weltz likes to raise his hands.
But when he puts his hands down, you can see his freakin' fine abs!

Tim Morehouse is an American fencer who won silver in Beijing.

Congrats Tom Daley for getting bronze on the 10 metre diving platform.

This is USA Men's Waterpolo team.

Some french athletes in some flashy underwear ads.

John Isner, looks too cute, playing tennis.

Wallace Spearmon Jr. placed 4th in the 200 m.

Will Miller and Glenn Ochal.

Carlos Perez and Saul Craviotto.

Giuseppe Lanzone and teammates placed 4th in Men's 8 rowing.

Probably the most infamous photo to emerge from this year's olympics.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like hearing the Star Spangled Banner to get you hard !

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone on the same page... the how-to guide to make the US men's water polo team: be a hunky, muscled blond, at least 6'1 & rockin a good tan.

Anonymous said...

Nice upright positioned hard penis!

Steve said...

Thanks for including Russell Holmes, even though this may not be his best photo. He is incredibly handsome.