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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lesser Known Swimmers

Brendan Hansen won bronze in the 100 meter breaststroke at this Olympic games.

Nathan Andrian outtouched Australia's Magnussen to win Gold at 100 meter freestyle.

Eric Shanteau (probably the most beautiful man of the group) had quite a story.
In another upset, Tyler Clary beats Lochte for Gold in 200 backstroke!

We have yet to see Alex Meyer because his event (long distance open waters) is not up yet!


BobF_MD said...

I have always wondered how the authorities governing prohibited drugs and hormone use would govern a case like Eric Shanteau (and cyclings Lance Armstrong) where the athlete has had one testicle or both testicles removed. Do they get 'exemption' from having testosterone treatments?

Anonymous said...

If both removed ok to allow doctors boosting him to average guys level. But if they cut one nut, he should live and compete based on what his own one testicle gives him.