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Sunday, August 12, 2012

FMK These German Gymnasts

First up, we have Marcel Nguyen, the silver medalist for All-Around as well as Parallel Bars.Gosh, his face is gorgeous!

Fabian Hambuechen is probably the most known guy in this bunch as he has been to 2008's Olympic. Having earned a bronze 4 years ago, Fabian upped himself and earned a silver for horizontal bar this year.

Next, we have the super tall 5 foot 8 inch Philipp Boy, whose had better competitions previous to this Olympics.

So, we have Marcel, Fabian, and Philpp. Who would you F M and K?


Anonymous said...

Marcel: F (love the face, hate the hair)

Fabian: K (the glasses suit him, though)

Philipp: M!!! Here comes the groom...all dressed in spandex!

Kevin said...

F Phillip
M Marcel
K Fabian

Anonymous said...

I would:

F > Philipp
M > Marcel
K > Fabian


Anonymous said...

Meh, do whatever you want with all of them. I'll F&M Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands.

Jeffrey said...

Without question, I'd marry Marcel! And I'm torn over Fabian and Philipp, because I just couldn't bring myself to kill either of them. They're totally different from each other, but both totally gorgeous, each in their own way. I suppose, if forced with a gun to my own head, I'd kill Fabian...but I wouldn't want to.

Targe said...

Marcel Nguyen uber alles!

Anonymous said...

Both F and M Marcel ... Best Body and Best Face and Best Male Everything of the Olympics. His smoothness with muscles is super fine.

Anonymous said...

I'd kill Philipp, although not really obviously, he just doesn't do it for me, he also the tallest and I like compact guys. However I'd fuck Fabian as he's good looking, but not as gorgeous and sexy as Marcel, who I'd marry and with whom I'd spend the rest of my life :)

Anonymous said...

F >Marcel
M >Marcel
K >Phillip
Ignore Fabian
More Marcel please!