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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Even More Lesser Known Swimmers

Star swimmers like Phelps and Lochte can't possibly swim in all the preliminary races and still have time to rest for their final races. So there are a bunch of swimmers who take their place in prelim relay races in order to ease the schedule of the stars. Since 1992, swimmers who participated only in the preliminary swims for the relays also win the medal, though they do not get to stand on the podium. Without television coverage, they are the behind the scenes medalists.

This is Charlie Houchin.

Here is Davis Tarwater.

James Feigen.

One of the oldest members of the swim team, Jason Lezak.

Here is the super adorable Tyler McGill.

Lastly, we have Matt McLean.


Rex said...

Hey GREAT post. I have been wondering how to do justice by other great swimmers. Problem is I don't always recognize them in pictures, and haven't had time to do a lot of individual searches for my blog. Tremendous job for some great, and great looking, swimmers. THANKS

BosGuy said...

Love these pictures. I have always had a thing for swimmers.