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Friday, August 10, 2012

Ashton Eaton: Breaking Records and Taking Home Gold

Isn't this first shot of Asthon Eaton one of the coolest shots you've ever seen. The way the rain looks on camera is amazing, and the intensity of the decathlete's eyes is epic!
Ashton was the gold medal favorite coming into the competition, with a world record score of 9,039 in the Olympic trials.
And his performance here in London has also been tremendous. 
He led from the very beginning at the 100 m dash, and did not let up!
 Outstanding job, Mr. Eaton! Making America very proud to have an all-around athlete like you.
Oh, and also, nice body! Love your legs!

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glen0330 said...

He was interviewed on "The Today Show" this morning. Not only is he stunningly handsomem, he comes across as being VERY intelligent and very down to earth. I was quite impressed.