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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yellow Fellows

Yellow is a vibrant color. A man who wears yellow WANTS to be noticed! And there's no denying these men WILL be noticed!

Especially if he's the Man of the Week: Julian Naderer.

Andreas Zi.

 Anthony Mainella.

Roberto Barajas Maya. Michael Lewis.

Christopher Fawcett.

Cody Deal.

David Gilkey.

Finn Diesel.

Gabe Johansen. Hugh Feist.

Mike. Last name, please!

Nick Pizzaro.

Nick Youngquest.

Nuno Branco. Shane Callanan.

Tristan Bull.

Who is this Calvin Klein Bold model?

1 comment:

halim amin said...

This is of model Matthew Terry, others in the Calvin Klein Bold ad are - Arran Sly, Chris Garavaglia and Myles Crosby. Matthew and Arran are gorgeous. LOL