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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

what a princess

To the person who said Julian Naderer needs to smile more...well, here you go!
Who knew that a simple tiara could redefine a man?
These pix makes me think of Shakespearean plays where men played women roles.
Do you think Julian makes for a great Juliet?
Hell, this guy could be both his own Juliet and Romeo!
Although Julian's week is technically up, I've still got loads more pix of him to share, so I'm extending his stay to Sunday? If you have a problem with that, tell it to somebody to cares!

1 comment:

JakeD said...

Fuuny ... and cute. Cool to see he can (and/or was told to) embrace his inner princess. Gives a different look, but not quite as good looking or attractive as earlier pics.