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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Orange Alert

Orange, as previously established, is my favorite color. I have no idea as to why one day I decided that 'orange shall be my favorite color.' But that was the case: I simply woke up, decided to rank my favorite colors, and ended up putting orange on top!

Just like I woke up and decided "From now on, I'm going to be gay!"

We are starting today's post with our Man of the Week, of course.

Christopher Fawcett.
Bo Roberts.

Gregory Verdoes.

Itay Atias.

Luke Guldan.

Maximillian Befort.

Nick Pizzaro.

Nick Youngquest.

Nikita Gutsu. Nuno Branco.

Rob Wilson.

Steven Patenaude. Thanks for the ID!

Sean Harley.

Steven Webb.

Tim Baird.

Todd Sanfield. Trey Hoffart.

Who is this aussiebum?


Anonymous said...

Who is he? = Brazilian Model Steven Patenaude

Anonymous said...

nikita's full name is nikita gutsu, in case u didnt know.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

i did not know. thank you very much.