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Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Initiation

Later tonight, London will attempt to rise from under the grand shadow that the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony cast upon the world. Whether the event will be impressive or an embarrassment has yet to be seen, but I hope it marks the beginning of a great competition for the world's best athletes. Let this be a safe, astonishing, and dream-fulfilling summer Olympics.

There are many many men to root for from the US teams, so I'm starting off with a spiky-haired hottie from the University of Michigan. This 19 year old won the individual all-around title at the 2011 NCAA Men's Gymnastics championship. He was unable to compete in 5 of 6 events in the Olympics trials, but nevertheless, he was chosen for the Men's gymnastic team!

So, here is Sam Mikulak. Do you like him in red?

Or does he look better in blue?

Or do you prefer him in yellow?

Here's a taste of what this boy can do!


Rex said...

THANKS. I will now watch with greater interest...

Anonymous said...

I'll take him in red, thank you kindly. Or nothing at all if I'm given the choice.

Anonymous said...

I like him in blue, especially when it shows off his... assets to good effect. Quite the yummy specimen!