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Monday, July 23, 2012

love him or hate him

It is very strange to me how some people take one look at a good looking guy and say "Oh, I hate him. What a douche!"

They (the people) have no idea what his (the model's) personality is like. Just because a still photograph happens to capture the model's expression in a certain way...doesn't automatically make him arrogant, stuck-up, an asshole, or anything. He's just doing his job...playing for the camera...and yes, some guys are better at it than others.

However, when a guy is captured on video...that's a different story. His personality really comes out, and it's more appropriate to judge his character.

 Thus is the case with Tim Parrish.

Having been a fan of NBC's "Love in the Wild" first season, I was looking forward to the second season and eagerly awaited the selection of guys and their online photos. I was disappointed by the selection (dismal compared to the general attractiveness of the guys from last season)...but one man stood out!

That was Tim Parrish.

If you know me, I do not rest until I can find all the hottest photos of my current obsession...and so voila, today and tomorrow, you will see the fruits of my labor. The following photos were taken from his modelmayhem profile.

On the first episode of the new season, Tim once again, blew all the other guys out of the water in terms of looks. Personality-wise, he seemed super confident...calling himself 'The Tim-meister'. Overall though, he seemed level headed and such a catch. It was not surprising when he was the first guy chosen at the end of the coupling ceremony that night.

On the second episode, Tim's level-headed went down the drain when he had a few too much alcohol in his system. He slapped cake on other contestants...including the hair of his PARTNER. And he didn't even see how that was such a big issue. After he apologized, he thought he was in the clear and that he would be picked again. But nope, his partner dumped him and no other girl wanted to couple with him. So he was sent home...ON THE SECOND EPISODE!

As he left in the closing credit, he made the comment that this is not a setback because it is still "THE YEAR OF THE TIM."

Can we all say collectively...WHAT A DOUCHE!

Having said all that!

Gosh dang it! This guy is so EFFING HOT!

I would totally be willing to have one or more hot, rough, passionate nights with him (and then dump him before he breaks my heart).


Simon said...

Love, Love, Love! He's so huggable, cuddle-able DILF! ;)

Jair said...

He's so hot!!!!
Me too, I'd love some busy nights with him!