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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jake Dalton

This 5'5" 20 year old beautiful specimen of a man will represent the US in Men's gymnastics at this year's Olympic games. With him on the roster, this may be the US's best chance in many many years at taking home the gold!

Don't just sit there, get up!
Alright, now that you're standing, do something!

Yes, that's more like it!

One of Jake's best event is the vault! Man, does he look powerful!

He sure knows how to grip a long pole, and spread his legs!

Jake's biggest hurdle might be the pummel horse, so let's hope he doesn't fall off during the competition!


Anonymous said...

The Olympics should make a rule change to permit these guys to compete shirtless. It would be the best thing that could happen to the sport.

Anonymous said...

cute jock boy
will look out to see how he does

astar94 said...

Nice. Also check out the best looking gold winner from Day 1 - Swimming's 400m freestyle winner Sun Yang. He so good looking plus that bod!

Rex said...

Love this one too...