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Sunday, July 29, 2012

FMK these US gymnasts

These guys are not only competing individually, they are also competing as a team against other nations in their beloved sport. A lot is on their plates right now, so having some competition about how hot they are seems so unnecessary and almost absurd. But hey, I never claimed this blog to be intellectual or enlightened. It's a blog about superficially appreciating the beauty of men. So let's play FMK, dang it!

First up is the spiky haired cutie, Sam Mikulak.

Then we have the tallest of the bunch (and probably, most talented), Danell Leyva.

Then we have the tattooed hottie, Jake Dalton.

Based on what you know of these guys and all the pix I've showed you, who would you F, M, and K? Also provide your reason (for example, based solely on beauty; based solely on talent; or a combination of beauty and talent).


Anonymous said...

Exact order: FMK :D

Anonymous said...

Based upon my admittedly subjective and fickle standards of beauty, I would have carnal relations with Mr. Mikulak and ask for Mr. Dalton's hand in marriage. Mr. Leyva has many redeeming qualities, but alas, his teammates have stolen my heart.

Myron said...

F-Sam - hot, but don't really care for his attitude
M-Jake - SOOO HOT, but he seems to have a humble personality
K-Danell - meh.

Jeffrey said...

K - Sam. He's cute, but kind of a dick.

As for Danell and Jake, I'm soooo torn!! I'm pretty sure I'd be happy with either one. If pressed to make a choice, I guess I'd say:

F - Danell.
M - Jake.

Mike said...

I'm always sucker for chest hair on ripped body, so (fantasizing) I'd like some intimate moments with Danell. Already married, so I can't plight my troth with any of them. Kill -- not possible; they are all too handsome and nice to contemplate such a thing.