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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Danell Leyva

Standing at 5'7", Danell is the tallest male gymnast in the US team. And so far in the competition, he's #1 for the Men's all-around competition. Let's hope he keeps it up and take home his gold!

Let's also be thankful that this Cuban-born hunk decided to train in the US, because our men's team is currently sitting in first place! 

If the following photos cause light-headedness or high-blood pressure, please don't sue me.
Sue the minds who thought giving the world these amazing pix was a good idea!

There is no shortage of candid (self-shot) pix of Danell Leyva on the web! Just search!


Rex said...

GREAT post. thanks for getting int he Olympic spirit.

glen0330 said...


BobF_MD said...

Jake Dalton seems more attractive than this guy. There is a nice proportion to Jake's bod while the rest of the team seems a bit off, too much muscles compensating for not enough height or something. A few seem too top heavy, too much chest maybe.

NBC barely shows Jake performing though.