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Friday, July 13, 2012

captivating soulful eyes?

Or just sun making him squint?


Rainbow said...

He's gorgeous!

Rainbow said...

What if I'm a robot expecially programmed to read captcha codes?

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

thanks for being the first to comment about Julian, rainbow.

i have no control over what google/blogspot does to control the robot situation. it's a little annoying, i know. but as a blogger, i hate being spammed, so i don't mind it

anyhow, if you were a robot and spammed the comments, i would just not publish your post

JKoh said...

Very nice choice. Thank you for bringing him to our attention.

I like that the 2nd (Yellow Fellows) and this 3rd (and also the 2nd) set of photos seem to show that he has a naturally smooth body. Sometimes you see model with chest hair, or not, in photo sets depending on whether the photogs or other higher-powers/man-in-charge have decided if the model be shaved or not.

Anyway, its nice to see Julian is both good looking and naturally smooth which is a big plus!