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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Body of a Man: ABSopositivelylutely

Wait? You thought just because it's a different month, I would quit featuring the core of a man altogether? You are outta yo mind! July is still ABS season, baby. Though, I will definitely add gorgeous photos of men even if it doesn't feature his abs this month.

Let's start this megapost with Martin Pichler. Let's just assume from now on that whenever there is an ABS megapost, there will be Martin Pichler in the mix!
A man who literally has Abs in his name. Abdel Abdelkader.

Patrick Louden. (Thanks for the tip)

Anthony Green.

Adam Miller (though he was voted as the least favorite abs of the Adam Millers, let's give him another shot)

Billy Simons. More of this guy coming very soon!

Chad Pinther. Though I don't think he needs introduction.

Chet Corey. Ugh. Life must be so unfair too him.

Colton Haynes. Gosh, I want to hang out with this guy so badly.

Filip Jankovic. GPS, take me to his bedroom (or that tree of his).

Henry Cavill. 2013...sigh...why can't I see you as Superman yet?

James Devine.

Nils Butler. What a cutie.

Patriota Twins. They love to fool around w/ each other (google them).

Diego Miguel. (Thanks for the correction)

Renato Ferreira

Rodrigo Calazans. Must visit him in Brazil as well.

Samuel Trepanier. Holy scrumptious. Love the fine fur.

Sean Lerwill. More of him coming this month too.

Simon Le Kris. Another delicious man with some fur.

Stefan Gatt. What a prime beef.

Tim Parrish. I have a love/despise relationship with him.

Tomas Skoloudik.

Tyler Sarry.

William Levy.

Colin Ryan.

Todd Sanfield.

Gorgeous unknown. Who is he?


halim amoin said...

For the guy in the yellow hoodie, it is not renato ferreira. Its in fact Diego Miguel, another fellow Brazilian. You could see his more prominent aquiline nose. Anyways! hope you find this useful

halim amin said...

The yellow wincheater worn by diego miguel is for a spread 'On the waterfront' by Dean Isidro and together with Alexis Papas and Mihaly Martins. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Patrick L is Patrick Louden

iAmA gaYte-keeper said...


Lez Hard said...

I like Renato's pic