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Friday, July 20, 2012

Blindingly White, Part 2

Promised. Now delivered!

We start of course with our main man in tighty whities.

Arthur Napiontek.

Breck Orshal.

Brian Carr.

Chet Corey.

Chris Stoner.

Corentin Grusson.

Harijs Broza.

Jay Byars.

Jin Xian Kui.

John Wayne Scioli.

Josh Ohl.

Lance Parker.

Max Emerson.

Maxwell Zagorski.

Roberto Barjas Maya.

Ryan Guzman.

Simeon Panda.

Steven Chevrin.


Jetri Hasri said...

These pics here of Julian N, especially the first one, are the best that I remember seeing on your blog. A beautiful male. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Quite a few are showing the outline and more of their boy-parts.. Best are the first guy and especially "Jin" the Asian guy further down.