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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blindingly White, Part 1

Black, white, and blue are three of the easiest colors in terms of searching for pix to make a color-themed post. So it shouldn't be shocking that I'll have another post of guys wearing white tomorrow!

 Let's start off with our cute-tastic Man of the Week.

Aaron Brueckner.

Chris Fawcett.

Colin Ryan.

Cory (last name?). Daniel (last name?)

David Gilkey.

David Kimmerle.

Justin Chambers. Joshua Bowman.

Julian Gabriel.


Dustin Lance Black. Nicolas Ripoll.

Sean Harley.

Shaun Sipos.

unknown e=fu2 underwear model.

Who wants to join these guys in the penitentiary?


complexion said...

would have shifted the photos of the unkonown

Red Sierra said...

Nice collection of whites.

Anonymous said...

The Cory is Cory Drouillard