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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Man of the Moment: Corey Cann

Saying this guy can only last a 'moment' is truly undeserving to such a spectacular specimen of a man.
I'm sure by the way Corey Cann has perfected his body, this man has great endurance.
I'm sure he can last quite a while.
In our mind. In our heart. And in the bedroom.


Anonymous said...

That guy is SHAY from Fratmen.

I used to think he was really hot, but then i read somewhere he had like a meltdown regreting all the things he's done there, witch wasn't all that much, kissing other guys, blowjobs and masturbating, no real sex involved, but really hot.

Ginger BlogMan said...

My god he is gorgeous, cheers buddy


J Hasri said...

For some strange reason, the presence of
scruffy body air on this guy is not the
negative it usually is for me.

Anonymous said...

Does "from fratmen" means he's a porn-boy?

Ralph said...

Thanks for these pictures of Corey Cann. More as soon as possible, please!

wolverinetodd said...

He needs to hook up with his former Fratpad/Fratmen buddy Cole (Cole Money) of Gayhoopla.com. They actually have sex over on that site.