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Friday, June 1, 2012

Core of a Man

Some men have washboard abs all year round. Other body builders cycle through a bulking phase (gaining lots of muscle as well as fat; thus losing the definition of their abs), and a cutting phase (eliminating the body fat through careful regimen of diet and exercise) in time for competition or bikini season. June is a great month to show off one's spectacular midsection by the beach, pool, or just about anywhere, so it seems appropriate that we'll zero in on the core of a man this month.
If there's a model you think who has outstanding abs, please make a comment, and I just might post him. If you have spectacular abdomens yourself, please send me pix and I might also post them (you do not have to show your face if you want privacy).


Daniel said...

Finally, a post dignified of applause!

Red Sierra said...

Might I suggest either/both Matt Schiermeier or Cameron Earnheart. Both have beautiful abs and bodies, and they are partners.

Al DeHosse

orangellama said...

Wow, backhanded compliment much?

anywho, other applause worthy abs would belong to Carlos Freire and Stuart Reardon.

Anonymous said...

ABS: the perfection http://youtu.be/mjFwkdpFta0?t=19s