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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is your idea of the cowboy?

A few years ago when Brokeback Mountain came out, I heard these old folks talking  about how disgusting it was and that it tarnished the idea of the cowboy. And one elderly woman said, "Them cowboys are rolling in their graves knowing such a movie exists..."

I really wanted to confront the seniors and say, "Well, them cowboys way back when were murderers, rapists, and thieves, and you're fine with idolizing them like that?"

Arguing with ancient bigot is not the point of this post. What I want to really get at is, what is your idea of the cowboy?

Is wearing cowboy hats, jeans, and boots enough to make you a cowboy? Well, for me, there is something truly sexy about that attire, and men with great bodies really do wear it well. Look at NickDel Toro or the guy in this post! (And even if they are city boys playing dress up, they dress up nice!)

For me, being born in the Midwest or Plains doesn't cut it...because I've been bred here, and I am no cowboy. Living on a farm doesn't cut it either, because that just makes you a farmer. However, if you live on a ranch, ride a horse, and herd livestock...I guess, by definition, that's what a cowboy does.

But in addition to what you wear, where you live, or what you do...I think the romanticized version of the cowboy is that rugged confidence, that quiet but dangerous demeanor, and that mysterious charm.


marilyns_mole said...

That! ^

Anonymous said...

At the local sheriff's department/county jail, where they raise their own livestock on several farms, if animals get out or a herd has to get relocated they call their cowboys. Real, horse-riding, rugged, out-in-the-Florida-heat cowboys. A real cowboy makes his living as a cowboy.

Duba said...

YEP :)

Darren Harrison Harrison said...

NM Rebel cowboy, here is real.stars an bars is real.infantry flag is real.cowboys here are real an real.NM rebels. Thanks south