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Sunday, May 20, 2012

FMK These Thunders From Down Under

 Sorry for the weird whitewash images. If you save the image, it should produce a regular looking pic.

The first gentleman is Adam Hughes.

This man is Craig Scott.

This third lad is Dave Harris.

So, of these three, who would you F, M, and K?


Anonymous said...

F - Adam
M - Dave
K - Craig

Jeffrey said...

F - Adam Hughes.
M - Dave Harris.
K - Craig Scott.

All three are imminently fuckable, no question, but Craig just doesn't look approachable. I struggled over Adam and Dave, though, but what finally tipped it for me was the look in Dave's eyes in the last picture (bottom right). To me, it says "Take me home to meet your mom." Silly, I know, but any guy I marry has to like my mom, and she has to like him, or no dice.

Red Sierra said...

Not sure what F, M, and K mean, but I'd let them do anything they want to me and vice versa.

Simon said...

F-Adam Hughes
M-Dave Harris
K-Craig Scott

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

dear red sierra

F means "to sleep with them"
M means "to sleep with them every night as spouses"
K means "to make them sleep with the fishes"

Does that clarify things?

Red Sierra said...

Mr. Johnson,

Yes it does, thank you. My post still stands though.

Anonymous said...

F - Dave, Craig
M - Adam
K - none

By the way, the images that look whitewashed here on a PC browser looked fine on the iPhone mobile version of your site.