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Monday, April 16, 2012

FMK These Survivor: One World Men

Michael Jefferson. This guy can sport a beard pretty well.

Matt Quinlan was the first of these three men to be voted off.
But if he was in competition for me affection, I think his fate would turn out much differently.

Jay Byars. I know he's a model...but man, does this guy know how to mug for the camera!

So, how would you cast your ballot?
I'll reveal my choice after 10 comments (or in 3 days, whichever comes first).


Anonymous said...

F Matt
K Michael
M Jay


glen0330 said...

Jay Byars definitely.

Anonymous said...

F-Jay - he has a mostly boyish look that will fade in time; his pecs are too big and will sag; he seems like a dreamer in photo at lower left; he would be fun for a quick fling but he is too much in love with himself for the long haul.
K-Michael - in the picture at left he looks mean-spirited; I think he would become tiresome very quickly, exuding negativity and given to temper tantrums
M-Matt - he has the best pecs and a great smile; also, he looks real and friendly and he seems to have practical skills; he would age best.

Jeffrey said...

Okay, I don't watch "reality" TV, and I've never seen this show, so I can't weigh in on these guys' personalites, but just based on looks, here's my answer:

F - Matt. He's got that 'fuck me, I'm the cute boy-next-door!' thing going on, for sure.
K - Michael. Just doesn't grab me.
M - Jay. Green eyes and hair to run my fingers through!! =)

Anonymous said...

K - Michael... he has the biggest apparent douche factor

F - Jay... handsome, but unsure if there's anything there beyond a few good romps

M - Matt... a'fuckin'dorable.

gayfordaystim said...

F - Michael - plenty good-looking enough for a quickie

M - Matt - definitely - cute as hell and looks like a nice guy

K - Jay - does nothing for me and doesn't look nice, either

Survivor Fan said...

None of the above.
I'd go further in-depth for personalities

Michael--deceptive silent snake
Matt--egotistic snooty bastard
Jay--over-confident & naive idiot

Sorry! Though they got really good looks for me at first, they turned out to be good for nothing in the end. Alas!

Tom said...

K-Michael. Nice body but I'm not into it.
F- Matt. I love blondes and he's really yummy. Cute smile but he seems like he might be kind of boring in bed.
M- Jay. The thick wavy hair and they eyes did it for me. The body helps too!

r said...

Not gonna kill or marry based on pics, but Matt looks very much like the straight but fxckable type.

Anonymous said...

Jay, hands down ... the weirdest voice, but that body rocks ... and the eyes ... oh ... my ... god.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

K- His face just doesn't do it for me.

I'm flipflopping between M/F and Jay and Matt.

On one hand, I'm familiar with and impressed Jay's work as a model, but I don't think these pix show the best of his body and face.

On the other hand, Matt's first picture doesn't do it for me, but the other ones really make his face and body stand out.

So, in the end, based on these pix only...

M - Matt.

F - Jay.

Broderick said...

F- Michael
M- Jay
K- Matt

Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome. Love it!