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Sunday, March 4, 2012

FMK These Cosmo Cuties

For the following images, the one to the left is a digital download...while the one to the right is the scanned version of the magazine.

First, we have Anthony. A former Man of the Week, and the hottest bachelor of 2011.

We also have Unknown #1 that I'm sure anyone would love to climb in bed with.

Finally, we have Unknown #2. Who doesn't want to have breakfast with this guy?

So there you have it. Three cute guys from the March 2012 edition of Cosmopolitan.
Who would you F M and K?


Anonymous said...

F Anthony
M Unknown #1
K Unknown #2


Simon said...

#2 is Scott Herman
he's both F & M ;)

yagtaluda said...

You do like this game, doncha? It is fun, though, so I'll play. :)

F Unknown #1
M Anthony
K Unknown #2

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

wow, i should've known #2 was Scott Herman. He looks skinnier than he does now...I think this is an older image of him.

Anonymous said...

What a hard (with the emphasis on the hard part) decision!

I would fuck Anthony, dispense with the guy who wants me to bite his lip, and have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and especially dessert with Mr. Orange Juice (i.e., marry him).

Anonymous said...

F - Unknown #1 / Scott Herman (?)
M - Anthony, clearly
K - Unknown #2

K-ing unknown #2 is really a consequence of the photographer capturing this guy with a truly douchey expression on his face.

Kenn said...

I'm already marrying Anthony (neither he nor my partner know it yet), but I'm reasonably impressed that the guy pouring the OJ got ANY in the glass! I'm partial to guys who cannot multi-task.

Anonymous said...

Unknown # is model Adam Huber

Anonymous said...

Unknown #1 is definitely Tim Bryan

Unknown #2 is definitely Adam Huber

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

here's my opinion

Marry Anthony...cuz he's former Man of the Week, duh.

F Unknown #1...who could be Tim Bryan or Scott Herman

K Unknown #2...who seems to be Adam Huber

Anonymous said...

Number 2 is Tim Bryan. Look on his Tumblr for proof. 3 looks like Adam Huber.