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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catwalk Kings

These men can walk all over me!

Chet Corey. Jesus Christ, his abs!

Anthony Greenfield.

Maxwell Zagorski.

Matthew Terry.

Jamie Jewitt.

Diego Miguel.

Effing hot unknowns!




yagtaluda said...

Modelicious, modeltastic, and mmmmmmmm.... :)

Anonymous said...

I loves me some Max Z but that je ne sais quoi, that glimmer in his eye doesn't seem to be there in these pics... let's hope his success hasn't gotten to his head!

BosGuy said...


Anonymous said...

Gotta admire Diego Miguel! He walks just about EVERY show, which means there's no period where he doesn't look like that! (A lot of guys get in shape prior to shoots/fashion weeks)

xyInstinct said...

What a heaven on earth show to have been at!

Anonymous said...

The barefoot beauty with the silver shorts is Justin Halley. He's also a college football player.