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Monday, January 30, 2012

What was your favorite Chet Corey moment?

Of all the Men of the Week I've featured, I believe Chet has some of the best sets of photos ever! So to end his reign, let's take a look back at some of his best collections.

We started off with a beautiful collection by photog Greg Vaughan.

These fantasticsmags collection showed us how great Chet looks in and out of clothes!

I begged for an extension to his week by presenting these Action Hero-esque pix.

We saw Chet out in the field!

We saw him greased up and ready to knock someone out.

And we concluded that Chet has amazing abs.


JoddV said...

Think you're right. You've selected some great pics of him. His best feature is his muscular/smooth body and being good looking and yet somehow real or maybe not that strong.

Charleston said...

he exudes the ultimate MAN


Anonymous said...

Great series of post. Like this boy best of thpse you have shared here. Nice work finding all these great pics of him.