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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


These men are HOT, and they know it. They are so vain; they probably think this post is about them. (And they would be right to think that!)

We of course kick things of with Chet Corey and his self-portrait.

Daniel Rumfelt (before he trimmed up and became the outstanding model he is now).

Abel Albonetti.

Sean Harley. (I want to get caught in this meat sandwich). Scott Dorn.

Although Max Emerson (left) is probably the 'skinniest' guy in this post, this dude is still super confident and knows that he has a cute face no matter how much muscle he keeps on his body. And I'm pretty sure the guy to the right is Brent Corrigan (who used to be a pretty slim boy).

Craigery Morgan. I had another picture of a guy who stuck out his tongue too, but I refuse to post it because I found it ridiculous. However, when Craigery Morgan does it, it becomes super adorable and makes me think of a million things I could do with his tongue!

Thanks for the ID! Jay Roberts.

Here are some hotties whose names I don't know...




Anonymous said...

Well, red undies guy is gay porn star Jay Roberts :)

glen0330 said...

That is DEFINITELY Brent Corrigan.

The Rule of Mr Kane said...

love Chet Corey and the last guy pic!

JK || Http://mrkanerule.bogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Chet Corey is ridiculously beautiful. That simple shot in the bathroom mirror, looking like he's just in from a run, still glistening with sweat, is amazing. Anyone who can look that good in a mirror shot is a natural superstar.

azure said...

eyin' Brent Corrigan is a great diversion:P

Rhonda said...

I really love the last pic. He's so cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Guy in red shorts is Porn Star Jake Andrews who is currently with Rand Blue

Jordan said...

I was wondering f you could please remove the last image on this post. It is my picture and was stolen off of facebook and used for several spam accounts and im just trying to clear them out. I can provide proof if necessary.