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Monday, January 16, 2012

V Necked

There's something about a V neck that makes a plain Tshirt sexier. Perhaps you get to see more of the man's collar bone. Perhaps the extra bit of skin makes it that much more appetizing. This is a rather long post of men wearing shirts, but you will thoroughly enjoy it!

Starting off, of course, with our Man of the Week: Chet Corey.

Looking incredible, our Former Man of the Week: David Entinghe.

Former Man of Two Weeks: Anthony Greenfield.

Wilson Bethel.

Tyler Kenyon.

Penn Badgley.

Lasse Larsen.

Paul Vandervort.

Justin Deeley.

David Nutley.

David Filipiak.

Corey Sevier.

Chris Ogle.

Chris Hemsworth.

Alexander Ludwig.

Thanks for the ID! Ryan Taylor.

Thanks for the multiple IDs! Paddy O'Brian.

Sean Maher. Alexander Skarsgard.

Matthew Chase. Julian Matkins.

Josh Ohl. Josh Jacques.

Nic Balducci. Guy Marquardt.

Eric Winter (an addition). Daniel Nunez (thanks for the ID).

Cute, but totally unknown to me.

Dreamy, but also unknown!


The Rule of Mr Kane said...

Love the V neck tshirt....
great post!

Have a great week.

JK || http://mrkanerule.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

the first one is ryan taylor

Anonymous said...

lower right corner "unknown" is Daniel Nunez; you can catch him on Undergear Web site

Simon said...

Adult stuff guy is: Paddy O'Brian

stoney8 said...

The guy in the black tee and underpants id UK Porn Star
Paddy O'brien (Patrick)

Anonymous said...

The guy with adult stuff ist Patrick O'Brien from Englishlads and RandyBlue

Ratana said...

That second guy in your unknown list (in his deep V-neck - oh that bulge - is Patrick (Paddy) O'Brien.