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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Olympic Tops & Bottoms

In interest of making the blog more interactive, let's play another opinion game. I'll ask for your opinion later...

The following three men are all Olympic hopefuls for London 2012 (two of them have already medaled in previous Olympics). The following images are taken from Men's Health Jan/Feb 2011.

Standing 6'5" and weighing 210 lbs, 27 year old Trey Hardee is my athletic crush at the moment. (Check out his sides, abs, and armpits as he throws a javelin). Although this decathlete dropped out of the 2008 Summer Olympics partway through, he made up for it by becoming a 2-time World Outdoor gold medalist in 2009 and 2011. This gives him the title as 'The Greatest Athlete in the World.'

Despite being overshadowed by Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte is still a pretty well-known name in US Men's Swimming. Streaming at 6'2" 180lb, this hydrodynamic jock is a six-time Olympic medalist. I'm sure he'll make US proud by bringing in more medals from London.

Befitting his name, Usain Bolt is considered the fastest man in the world (at least, in short distances). This 6'5" 207 lbs Jaimaican athlete stunned the world by setting three world records at a single Olympics. I'm sure lots of men and women would like to be with this man, but they'll have to chase him with their car.

Alright, now that you've been introduced to three athletes at the top of their respective game, let's see who you think will top each other.

Consider these scenarios and answer them.

1) Trey and Ryan hooked up. Who's top? Who's bottom? Why so?
2) Trey and Usain. Top? Bottom?
3) Ryan & Usain?
4) How will it play out if all three of them hooked up?
5) Who do you want to fuck most? Would you top or bottom with him?

I know these are a lot of questions, but feel free to answer in as much detail as you want. I'll give my opinion when I get 10 comments.


BosGuy said...

I'd be willing to lend myself in either role with Ryan. I'm accommodating like that.

Batu Kanh said...

Based just on looks, I see Ryan and Trey as fighting damn hard to be bottom. Usain would find it real easy topping and enjoying either or both.
My own preferred bottom would be Trey Hardee both for his looks and his height/size over Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Pretty obvious. Trey and Ryan are bottoms. Usain would top Ryan first and then have Trey clean the santorum off him with his mouth!

RRon said...

Many Qs, but Trey looks likely be best at bottom and pleasing.

Anonymous said...

1) of course they're both probably very flexible but i give the edge to Ryan the swimmer, he's the bttm.
2) I'm guessing Usain has a big tool and knows how to use it.
3) Usain
4) I already can't stop thinking about this. I see Trey in the middle of a hot man-sex sandwich
5) I'm not too familiar w/ Try though the pics are hot. I saw Ryan during the 2008 games and damn near fell in love. I would do anything he wanted...

Anonymous said...

Most swimmers I've had in college and as jocks in later life, like to do oral and swallow and it is fun to teach them how to top.
I have a great trainer trim body and a huge cock, so I am able to usually make the call.
Most of the first timers want to kiss and have romance which is sort of cute.