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Friday, January 6, 2012

Men's Health Basketball Stud

When I quickly glanced at the cover of this issue of Men's Health on the stand at the store, I was immediately drawn to the wet torso and rippled abs of the man on the cover. But I totally did not recognize the face...
Well, it turns out this man with the amazing body is a professional basketball player. And those who follow the sport will know his name is Blake Griffin.

Although he isn't blessed with a face that I would call extraordinary, I always give credit to a man who worked hard to achieve a physique like his. Kudos!


Anonymous said...

I gave up watching basketball when they started wearing skirts. I may have to start again!

Dave said...

Nothing wrong with his face, imho. Very expressive, with a nice strong chin, full lips, good symmetry, etc. But the body is truly spectacular.