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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Man of the Day: Mark Homoki

Thanks to my campaign, I had more than 50% of the viewers agree to extend Chet Corey's stay. To those who really liked Chet, he wants to thank you and say that he will return tomorrow. To the 1/4 of you who is already sick of him, well, today, we take a break from him.

From the last FMK, Mr. Blue received 16 Marries out of 21 comments. It was pretty clear that he was the favorite. And thanks to many viewers, I've learned his name and have searched for more pix of him.

Here's a taste of what I found...

I'll be updating this post by noon tomorrow, so expect more pix soon. Until then, enjoy this collection!


Anonymous said...

Boy, would I like to be that lucky teddybear!

Anonymous said...

Those pics with the teddy bear are so sweeeet!!!

hamza said...

mark u r world,s sexiest man...!!!