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Thursday, January 12, 2012

FMK these Tumblr Cuties

What do these three guys have in common?
1) They're all hot guys.
2) They're all found on tumblr.
3) I don't know their names.
4) I only have one pic of each of them.
5) They're pitted against each other in another edition of FMK!

So, according to the background of their image,
We have Mr. Pink
Mr. Blue
And Mr. Graffiti

Who would you fuck? Marry? And kill?

I won't reveal my answer til I see ten comments!


goldeneyeuk said...

Oh god too difficult

F - GrafFiti
M - Pink
K - Blue (but only cause I can't keep him in the basement as my play thing ! )

Anonymous said...

F - Grafitti
M - Blue
K - Pink

Anonymous said...

F-Mr. Graffiti
M-Mr. Blue
K-Mr. Pink

Anonymous said...

K - Mr. Pink
F - Mr. Graffiti
M - Mr. Blue

BI LIKE ME said...

This I'd kill Pink, only because he was fem enough to pick the color.

Mr. Graffiti - I'd fuck him because it looks like he's fun, he's hot and he looks like he could be a little nasty too ;) which is always a plus!

Mr. Blue is the winner..he looks nice, sweet..will you marry me?

Anonymous said...

F - Graffiti
M - Blue
K - Pink

Although M/K were hard to choose ;-)

Kevin said...

F - Mr Graffiti
M - Mr Blue
K - Mr Pink

Beautiful choices this time!!

moiC'estMoi said...

F - Dolce-Guy (OMG, he's hot!)
M - RedShorts-Guy (sweet like chocolate...)
K - Calvin-Guy (too young)

Anonymous said...

F - Mr. Blue
M - Mr. Graffiti
K - Mr. Pink

yagtaluda said...

F - Blue
M - Graffiti
K - Pink

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

wow, a majority of you had what i was thinking.

I'd marry Mr. Blue cuz he's so adorable.

I'd fuck Mr. Graffitti until he loses that stuck up attitude he's displaying.

And I'd kill Mr. Pink cuz he is too twinky.

Anonymous said...

F- Graffitti
M- Blue
K- Pink

cutemale said...

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byb said...

graffiti is christopher blom


Daniel said...

Mr. Blue's name is Mark Homoki.

You can kill the other two, 'cause I'm marrying and fucking him :-D

Olivier de Genève said...

F - Graffiti
M - Blue
K - Pink

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

cutemale, please refer to the left side of the blog for the procedure to exchange links. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fuck graffiti
Kill blue
Marry pink (adorable!)

Myron said...

F-Mr. Graffiti
M-Mr. Blue
K-Mr. Pink

Anonymous said...

M: Mr. Blue
K: Mr Graffiti
F: Mr Pink

Anonymous said...

I would definitely not pass up on the opportunity to fuck Mr. Graffiti. Unfortunately, Mr. Pink will have to kick the proverbial bucket. Mr. Blue, will you marry me?

Anonymous said...

F-Mr. Blue
M-Mr. Graffiti
K-Mr. Pink

Anonymous said...

This one's tough, but...

F: Mr. Graffiti
M: Mr. Blue
K: Mr. Pink

Anonymous said...

Why can't i choose to F them all and M both Pink & Blue (especially pink)?

Anonymous said...

F - 1
M - 2
K - 3

terence said...

f - 1
m - 2
k - 3