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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Action HERO

James Bond. Jason Bourne. Ethan Hunt.
Just a few names synonymous with ACTION SPY HERO.
Look at the pix below and tell me Chet Corey doesn't belong with those names!

I'm sure he'll rock the big screen! (Kudos of course goes to the photographer whose choice of location, lighting, and texture all adds to the nitty grittiness of it all).

And who would not want to be saved by this man?

Alright, I'm going to have to do some campaigning to extend Chet's stay. Let me first say that I have no intentions of making Chet Man of the Month, but I was simply interested to see how many of you really loved him that much. My only goal was to have the majority of the viewers to vote for the second-week extension!

Here are what I can promise you!
1) More spectacular photographs of Chet (especially from this photographer)!
2) Many more mega-themed posts, in which...
3) You will see tons of other models besides Chet!

1 comment:

JKoh said...

Like your selection of Chet for our attention. He has a nice looking face and his best feature is his smooth muscled body.