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Friday, January 27, 2012

Abs-olutely Essential

Whenever I make a mega-theme post and place the Man of the Week on top, sometimes he gets lost in the suffle because his photo simply doesn't stand out from the pack. But for a post on Abs- I think few men are in the same league as Chet Corey. His abs takes home the gold!

Sam Kneen.

Tyler Kenyon.

William Price.

Steve Dehler.

Spencer Neville.

Trey Hoffart.

Seth Kuhlmann.

Sean Harley.


Patrick Mouellet.

Justin Deeley.

Jamie Alderton.

Ellis McCreadie.

David Gilkey.

Caio Cesar.

Andreas Zi.

Chad White.

An abs-post without the contribution of Martin Pichler...
is like a sandwich without the contribution of bread.


J Hasri said...

Great to see Tyler K featured here. He looks great. He is the first guy on your blog that I have ever met.

Kim said...

Excellent post with great pics of some very good looking guys. Pic 2 of Chet is imho the best one of him you've shared yet! He displays his muscled and smooth body perfectly

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whats going on in the first pic (black and white) of Tyler Kenyon. I guess he is being prepped in some way for a shoot or show, but what/why?

thegayte-keeper said...

I will take one of each, THANK YOU!

goldeneyeuk said...

Tyler, Trey and Justin are fit as F@ck