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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is short film with a homosexual theme and is written, directed, and produced by Elliot London. No audible spoken words, beautiful cinematography, and surprisingly raw visuals...this is definitely one of the better crafted short films I've seen. So many images and moments do leave a lasting impression on my mind. Wonderful storytelling.

Warning: some footage in this film is even more explicit than the images I usually post on this blog.

If you noticed the end credit, you'll see the main actor is named Brian Estel.

And the word to sum up everything about him is WOW!

(Spoiler alert if you haven't watched the film yet: If I were to pay for Brian's companion, I would sure as hell stretch my time out a lot longer than that guy in the film. What an idiot!)

I'd be happy to see more of Mr. London & Mr. Estel's work in the future!


moiC'estMoi said...

This film needs no words.

But I don't like the end.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that things and situations aren't always what they appear to be!

Anonymous said...

It's a good short film with a very unexpected ending.

However, the music soundtrack is very well known in the U.K. as it's used on all the British Airways commercials. So now I want to take an aeroplane trip, maybe to.....Chicago! Where did I put my Passport?

Ian in England.