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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Of course there is no shortage of pix on the net of guys wearing an open shirt, so here's a good collection of them today, and there'll be another collection the day after tomorrow!

As you would expect, Josh Ohl is starting this collection.

Steve Byers.

Tanner Dillon.

Matthew Chase.

Levi M.

Layton Draper.

Kyle Tiringer.

Cody Griffis.

Chris Ogle.

Braeden Baade.

A man who used to be the banner boy for this blog: Nick Baggetta.

Former Man of the Week: Martin Pichler.


goldeneyeuk said...

Loving Tanner.
Love to see some more of him.

JKoh said...

x2. He looks good, would be good to see more,