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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Missing You

I try to trim off the fat in terms of getting rid of dead links or blogs that have been updated for several months. But there is one blog that I refuse to give up, and that is Just Beautiful Men. In terms of picture quality, this blog is one of the best. In terms of blog layout that is easy on the eyes, JBM passes with flying colors. In terms of taste in men, JBM's host Eric is uncannily like mine. I have always considered it the best blog on the net, and to me, it will always be my favorite blog.

I have no idea why the blogmate has dropped off the face of the Earth, and it is concerning that Eric doesn't even return my emails. Even though my hope of his return dwindles every day, rather than conjecturing on whatever mishap that may have occurred on his well-being, I would rather think he moved on with better projects in his life...

Meanwhile, his blog is still there for us to behold. Once in a while, I go through the archive and I still find myself blown away by the epicness of it all.

And this pic is just one of many splendid examples of Eric's excellent taste.


fan said...

I absolutely agree with you! justbeautifulmen is/was a very interesting blog.

BosGuy said...

Sorry to read about your blogger friend over at justbeautifulmen, but I appreciate your blog and wanted to say hello and wish you happy & healthy 2012.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog everyday and have to agree with you that "Just Beautiful Men" was superb. I've deleted inactive sites like and and also refuse to let it go. Your own posting and comments are great. Looking forward to next year and what you will share. Happiest of New Years to ya!

Anonymous said...

I miss him, too. JBM was my favorite blog, bar none. I have often wondered what happened to him. Like you, I hope he is well and knows that we all miss him.

can't agree with you more said...

Top three most impressive posts I choose are

1)I heart Leon Ockenden
2)Distant Gaze
3)It's rowing men...