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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lacy Necking

I wear a gold chain (that is actually shorter than it was because I broke it). Do you wear jewelry around your neck? Do you think a necklace adds something or detracts from the beauty of a man?

Man on Top Josh Ohl wears a yin-yang!

Cory Drouillard.

Trey Hoffart.

Tim Baird.

Simon Howard.

Ryan McPartlin.

Xavier Dolan.

Ryan Doom.

Petar Duper.

Jose Guillermo Cortines.

Jesse Metcalfe.

Garret Amerine.

Drew Dunscombe.

Diego Miguel.

Christopher Montgomery.

Channing Tatum.

Chad White.

Braeden Baade.

Michael Fitt.

Anthony Mainella.


Anonymous said...

In answer to the question, it depends on the length of the neckware. Longer (into the clevage)adds to the beauty while I think short neckware (like Josh) detracts.

Peter said...

When they are too big or dangle too far they can distract from the beauty of a guy's chest - like another dangling thing!! I really prefer the latter.

JohnNM said...

Interesting that so many of them are wearing dog-tags or dog-tag-like pieces. They are more masculine, but also makes me tend they have been out there by someone to 'tag' him as already taken/belonging to someone.

Anonymous said...

A thick fibre or leather cord - high and tight - works best on a boy

Anonymous said...

I like the simple dog tag on a simple rope or chain, dangling between the pecs. Very masculine, probably from the military connotation.

Anonymous said...

love guys with earrings

Anonymous said...

The neck is my favorite male body part. The neck of a beautiful man decorated with dog tags, a religious medal or a puka shell choker is one of the sexiest things I can think of.

Scott said...

Generally not fond of jewelry on guys -- ESPECIALLY not of earrings.

Dog tags, OK. Discreet necklace with a cross, star of David, etc. - OK, particularly if the man doesn't have any natural chest decoration (i.e. hair). Shell necklaces on well built Polynesian guys -- OK. Otherwise forget it.

Anonymous said...

if these were necklace ads, am pretty sure those necklaces would have been sold out! they're all soooo sexy. :p

Anonymous said...

You should not wear pendant unless you're smooth or very light chest hair