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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Body of a Man: Frontin & Backin

A man's body is an amazingly built work of natural art. Every stretch of flesh and sinew, every nook and crevice seems perfectly designed; it's hard to find a part of man's body that doesn't turn me on. If there is a God that made man in his own image, then that deity must be smokin'! Front side or back side, I'm always on the man's side!

The Man on Top, Josh Ohl, starts us off this round of male objectification.

Former Man of the Week: Adam Miller.

Trey Hardee.

Tim Baird.

Taylor Treavor.

Scott Dorn.

Ben Booker.

Lane Carlson.

Julian Murmann.

Josey Greenwell.

David Morin.

Craig Malozzi.

Cory Deal.

Anthony Mainella.

Chris Ogle.


jetri hasri said...

Good post, and nice choice of boys, but what kind of stood out for me was how many bad tattoos three were on these good bodies :(

thegayte-keeper said...

Nice selection here!