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Monday, November 14, 2011

Novel Idea

A model who doesn't shave...that often!


Kenn said...

LOL! The 'not shaving' was what first made him stand out to me! How cooly confident must one be when surrounded by other models who shave to accentuate their physiques and be absolutely certain that yours doesn't require the assist?

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

Personally, I'd like him better if he shaved, but realize that's not for everyone.

By the way, I'm one of your Twitter followers now. You can find me as @JollyReprobate.

AmazonValkyrie said...

Wow, a LOT of guys look great scruffy. I think the hair accentuates many male physiques, especially the hair that grows down the center of the abdomen. It creates more shadow and can give more depth to how the abdomen looks, especially in this boy's case.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the shaved body or not decision one usually made by someone else, a handler or someone else with authority? not at the model level anyway.

Kenn said...

Nope. At least, not that I've ever seen. The agency can offer advice about hair cuts, facial or body hair, etc. (as well as tattoos), but the model makes his/her own choices. In the end the client decides the 'look' they want, and chooses the model that best fits the job. There's last minute grooming, make-up, etc., but not to the extent o actually shaving off body hair.
Models tend to do what they can to increase marketability, and one of those things is to shave so as to make muscle definition stand out, which is part of why so many appear 'hairless'.