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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The three things I'm thankful for!

1) I'm thankful for evolution for making it possible for the existence of the species Homo sapiens, and therefore, allowing me to exist. (I'm also thankful for my parents doing the nasty, and for my mom not aborting me).

2) I'm thankful for my family being granted immigration the the United States (when I was six years old), and now I am able to grow up and be educated in the land of the opportunity.

3) Even while I'm sure my life would be ten times easier if I were a heterosexual man, I'm still very thankful that I have been wired in such a way as to be able to really appreciate the remarkable beauty of my gender.

What are you thankful for?


Lez Hard said...

I appreciate the beauty ... this guy is damnably cute !

Peter said...

I'm thankful for great blogs like yours and for my wonderful partner of 33 years who also enjoys looking at pictures of beautiful men.

Anonymous said...

I too and thankful for your excellent blog, for the time and trouble you obviously take to put it all together, for being alive at all and at a time when any of this is even possible and for living in a place (the UK) where I am able to live in peace and appreciate the incredible beauty of men like this. Best wishes to you on this Thanksgiving Day in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Thank God your mom didn't abort you, Sebastian! All of us who love your blog are thankful for YOU!! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Krytoh said...

Very nice caption Ken. :)

goldeneyeuk said...

He is amazing, We need more.