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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eyes vs Lips

If you could only choose one part of the face as the quintessential basis of a man's beauty, I bet most people would say the eyes. After all, it is customary for us to look into the eyes of the person with whom we are speaking, so we have the greatest time to study the features of their eyes.

But sometimes, ordinary eyes can be enhanced by amazing lips! In fact, sometimes the lips overshadows the eyes. These are usually the lips that are perky and begging to be kissed.

This is Gabriel Burger, a Brazilian model. He is the inspiration for this post! Obviously, he has a great facial structure (if we were to cover his eyes and lips, we can still see that he is quite attractive). In my opinion, his narrow eyes draws me in, but it is his lips that make me want to stay. If I were to create my very own male model, I would use his lips as the prototype!

Lee Williams.
I've also been obsessed with this man's lips for the longest time, ever since I saw this beautiful elevator kissing scene from No Night Is Too Long.

Colby Jamar. Now those lips are outstanding!

Brandon Beemer.

I don't have a name for the following three extraordinary pairs of eyes & lips! Please ID them!

So, comment below. Are you more captivated by eyes or lips more?
Which guy has the hottest pair of eyes? Which guy has the best pair of lips?


Anonymous said...

brandom beemer is the perfect example of eyes that would make your breath stop and your legs tremble. But his nose and mouth are worth a poem.

Anonymous said...

Dude, your past man of the week Adam Miller has the best lips on the planet. You should feature him again.

thegayte-keeper said...

I'll take the lips!

Anonymous said...

Eyes first ... and sometimes it is tough to go from there if they just lock you in! Kissable lips will always kick start my imagination too. Dragone above has both for me ... and I am weak in my knees now!

SteveDenver said...

Perhaps the most captivating thing about these faces is that they are all 20-somethings, super-fit and MODELS.

Anonymous said...

I've always found men's ears the most attractive feature - the more they stick out the better!

Anonymous said...

My two favorite eyes/lips combos ...

Jensen Ackles. Those gorgeous green eyes are sexy all by themselves ... but those lips -- I just want to kiss him and never stop.

An up-and-coming young actor named Walter Perez. Beautiful chocolate brown eyes and luscious Latin lips. See what I mean? http://data.img.osobnosti.cz/foto/walter-perez/O407176-88636.jpg

Anonymous said...

The last guy is Sexy at the utmost!!!
Personally I prefer the eyes, but lips, nose, eyebrows and ears are also important!

Anonymous said...

Who is that Brad who so much resembles Brad Pitt?