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Monday, November 21, 2011

Body of a Man: Sidelined

What's there not to like about the side of a guy? You can to see a bit of the back, and a bit of the front. Plus, those serratus muscles are reallly really sexy. So enjoy this collection of side.

Of course we start with our Man of Two Weeks.

Steve Boyd.

Trey Hardee.

Sean Sullivan.

Spencer Neville.

Scott Dorn.

Ryan Guzman.

Nick Pizzaro.

Kenneth Lyons.

Josey Greenwell.

James Schaepe.

Francisco Lachowski.

David Gandy.

Diego Miguel.

Chris Ogle.

Anthony Mainella.

Bo Roberts.

Let's bookend this post with another side of Anthony.


Anonymous said...

I'd have trouble choosing sides.

Anonymous said...

my favorite view of the male figure and I draw it quite obsessively. :D