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Monday, October 3, 2011

Last minute update

Per request, here's a few more images of Paul Walker.

Sorry they aren't the best of the best batch of images because I've already made some extensive posts of his greatest photographs...

Here are the links to the past posts:
1) Happy Birthday!
2) In Black and White.
3) In Color.


J Hasri said...

Ahhh.. more photos of our handsome surfer boy. Not sure if I have ever seen any pics showing his tightly formed butt, but I've always noticed it in his movies.

Anonymous said...

Good choice. Like pic 2 and 3. He looks mature but still has his boyish/bottomness too.

BobF_MD said...

Think he is one of the best looking American actors. He was body perfect when he was a surfer boy in Into the Blue. Saw Fast Furious 5 not too long ago and he still looks good.

PLease share any pic showing his legs and ass if you find them!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, sounds like you don't think there are more good pics of him around ... too bad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the two sets of photos on Paul. Nice reminder of how good he looks.