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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jon-Erik Hexum

A few weeks ago, the world lost a genius in technological innovations by the name of Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs passed away at the age of 56.

Another great life taken away too early is American model and actor Jon-Erik Hexum. Although only active for two years prior to his ill-fated accidental death, Jon-Erik's extraordinary look contributed to his steep rise to fame.

Jon-Erik died at the age of 26. Today, he would've been 54, two years younger than Steve Jobs.


I was born well past Jon-Erik's last day on Earth, but I can always appreciate a classic specimen of the male physique.

R.I.P. Mr. Hexum

BTW, today is exactly 27 years after his passing!


Jeremy said...

a beautiful face :-)

Anonymous said...

i had a crush on him when i was young...and for anthony hamilton,who starred in "cover up" after the death of jon-erik hexum,and died young too...

Jack Scott said...

OMG! Has it really been 27 years? It doesn't seem possible.

I always associate the song "Holding Out for a Hero" sang by Bonnie Tyler in the original "Footloose" movie with Jon Erik Hexum. I have it on my iPod and every time I here the song speak of "the gods" it reminds me of him. He certainly had the body of a god.

Thanks for the memories.

Jack Scott

Alberto Rohatsch said...

When he died my lover and I were made so aware of how short life can be, even for the rare beautiful men.
We took off around the world and sold off all of our worldly possessions. We never were the same people after his sad inspiration to live every day like your last. My buddy and I are still together after 37 years and living in Mexico with every day a precious journey to be cherished. Thank you Jon-Erik!

Anonymous said...

Yet another retro stud who helped clear up my sexually confused youthful days!

Anonymous said...

Although no one would question the looks of Jon-Erik Hexum, I am not sure that is appropriate for his pictures to be featured since he died over 25 years ago in a very tragic gun accident.

chrisjames17 said...

I think its totally appropriate that Jon-Erik should be featured. He was the perfect specimen of man both then and now. Infact quite difficult to find anything that comes close.