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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Drew Van Acker

If the distribution of beauty is like the distribution of wealth, Drew would be the top 1% that holds 99% of the nation's beauty!


Can't wait for the next half-season of Pretty Little Liars and see more of Drew looking mysterious and angsty with his shirt off!


Anonymous said...

He looks like the perfect/stereotype California blond jock. Appreciate his smoothness and good bod.

coco said...

he would make a perfect bottom! imagine him being fucked by a huge guy!

Anonymous said...

Great looking kid. Amazing body.

yagtaluda said...

Occupy Wall Street? Hell, occupy Drew! He's a new fave of mine. Thanks for sharing. Mister Van Acker definitely doesn't make me go "Ack!" :)

tangsohjin said...

He looks like he's made to be occupied tagged filled ... to be enjoyed by Men.

Anonymous said...

Have to admit, he does fits my bottom boy type. I guess he worked pretty hard to be good eye-candy.

Anonymous said...

You should also note this babe has nipples that could cut glass.