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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cosmo Bachelors 2011

It's October! And it's time for the annual Cosmopolitan showcase of single men!
I'll name my favorites at the end of this post!

Top Shirtless Guys
1 & 2) Mr. & Mr. Tennessee (Shane & Aaron Scott)
3) Mr. Alabama (Thomas Wilson)
4) Mr. Ohio (Chris Van Vliet)
5) Mr. Hawaii (Chris Pemberton)

Open-Shirt Guys
1) Mr. Michigan (Anthony Greenfield--You'll see a lot of him in the future!)
2) Mr. Utah (Chris Thompson)
3) Mr. North Carolina (Micah Tootoo)
4) Mr. Nebraska (Tyler Wortman)

Fully-clothes Guys
1) Mr. Texas (Bradley Nobile)
2) Mr. Wyoming (Tyler Beauchamp)
3) Mr. Oregon (Tal DeWitt)
4) Mr. Louisiana (Patrick Farr)

Alright, your turn! Post your own list of the top 5 (more or less) men!
*Also, yes, it took me a lot of time to scan 14 pages, crop 51 pix, and upload them, so please do acknowledge this blog if you repost the images elsewhere. Appreciate it*


1229 said...

My top 5 (mix) men :

1)Mr Hawaii (Chris Pemberton)
2)Mr Pennsylvania (Hunter Gilstrap)
3)Mr Virginia (Ryan Murphy)
4)Mr Delaware (Evangelos Kirtses)

5)Mr North Carolina (Micah Tootoo)

Anonymous said...

I wish there were the gay version of the Cosmo Bachelors. Oh, well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the scans! My top 5 picks:

1) Mr. Michigan
2) Mr. Virginia
3) Mr. Texas
4) Mr & Mr. Tennessee
5) Mr. Wyoming and Mr. Hawaii (tie)

Andy said...

Ok. Can I say just one thing?... Can someone tell me, please, what the hell is wrong with hair, with fur?? I think that the hairier a man/boy is the sexier he is. But here, at the question "Do you manscape?", the 99,9% of these guys answered: yes, of course, obviously... It's so disappointing and so not manly at all. I mean, not even women are so obsessed with that. Therefore, my favourite bachelor is Will Mallett from Maine, because at the question "Do you manscape?" he answered: "No, never!"

Anonymous said...

Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, and West Virginia! If you'd like to see more West Virginia, I've featured Ryan on my blog before here:http://kennowen.blogspot.com/2010/12/ryan-dorsey-by-scott-hoover.html