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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brian J Smith

Brian is most known for his role in SGU Stargate Universe.
Most recently, he appeared in Gossip Girl.

Brian has starred in not one but two gay films, as well as one/two gay roles on stage.

Here's what he had to say about it:
“You’ve played a few gay characters, both on stage in “Three Changes” and in film in “Hate Crime” and “The War Boys”. Some actors have spoken about the difficulties in playing gay characters, in particularly when it comes to intimate scenes with male co-stars. How did you approach these parts and did you experience difficulty with them? Did you have any fear of maybe becoming type cast?”

BJS: Hey you forgot one – I also played a closeted gay character in Good Boys And True, at Second Stage in NY! I fell in love with those characters and their predicaments. It’s very rich territory, playing a young man who can’t be himself. And very sad. Again, I don’t like how a lot of writers portray young men my age, but those characters actually experienced life in a deep way as opposed to going out and making things miserable for other people. Well, maybe with the exception of ‘Three Changes’, but that was too much fun to pass up. :) I hope I continue to get type-cast if the roles are this interesting.

Interview source: Joseph Mallozi's weblog.


Anonymous said...

I thought the kid in Gossip Girl looked familiar, but was too lazy to look it up! Thanks!

wes said...

I love this guy. So sorry I didn't meet him when we were both living in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

He's such an adorable guy, and those gay scenes in war boys were so sweet and hot! Are they 2 movies or TV series? Please post some more videos and pics of this wonderful guy!
P.S. His boyfriend in that film was very nice too!

Krytoh said...

Brian is SUCH a stud! I really loved his character in Stargate Universe. They really did the fans and the franchise a disservice with that pathetic ending. Those actors deserved a big awesome ending.