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Monday, August 15, 2011



Here's my opinion: Although it is impressive for any guy to get back into great shape, but here's a few factors accelerating Chris's transformation. 1) He has great genetics 2) He's been fit before so 3) he has all the muscle underneath the fat just waiting to be exposed again 4) he knows how to train and eat, and finally 5) he has the mental determination to get back in shape. It would surely be much harder for a man who weighs 240 lbs to get to Chris's final physique if that man has never been fit in his entire life.

I'm in the opposite category...trying to gain lean mass because all my life I've been skinny. Here's Chris's comment on how ectomorphs, like some of us, can become stronger, fitter, faster!


Trickle Down BS said...

I still don't know why pictures disappear from our blogs...do you?


Kenn said...

In my experience it's harder to remove poundage and return to a fit physique than to build from scratch. I went from 260 last year to 180 currently, and it was just like a total overhaul!