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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Too Blue

A second batch of hunks in blue. Hope you don't experience a 'code blue' from the overdose!

Maxwell Zagorski.

David Filipiak.

TJ Austin.

Sean Harley.

Toby Barnett.

Kyle Tiringer.

Nicky Pizzaro.

David Kimmerle.

Harry Tucker.

Chris Wide.

Cody Griffis.

Braeden Baade.

Who is this hottie with piercing eyes?

Who is this uber-cutie with adorable smile?


Anonymous said...

David Filipiak has really grown on me, as well as being a steaming hot hunk, he has an incredibly handsome face and a very slow burning elegance, rather like the Hollywood actors of old. Another nice picture of Martin wearing my favourite colour, which is green

Olivier de Genève said...

I love this blue serie too !
Specialy David Filipiak.

Thank you and do not hesitate to use other colors !!!

BosGuy said...

No doubt about it. Blue is now my favorite color.

Anonymous said...

i think the last one is Peter H, pre-Dylan rosser

EthanR said...

Looks like Peter Hext to me!